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Mahesh Mansukhani

Mahesh Mansukhani, President of Össur Americas

Mahesh Mansukhani was born in England in 1971, and is now a very driven and fearless 40-year-old corporate executive with an entrepreneurial spirit. As I mentioned earlier in the book, it’s the person who creates success, not the business. Success happens at all ages; there are no age requirements for a person seeking to succeed. That’s what I love about free enterprise and success. It’s between you and what you believe you can achieve. No other requirements! If you believe you can, you can. Mahesh isn’t the youngest entrepreneur or executive in the world, but within the two companies that he’s been involved with, he certainly was.

What is it that the executives from DuPont saw that led them to appoint him as the youngest Director? And what is it that the top executive team at Össur saw in Mahesh that gave them the confidence to place him at the helm of Össur Americas? These companies don’t appoint just anyone to these high-level positions. Was Mahesh in the right place at the right time? No. Success at this level doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of living with purpose and intent; from the Core of Success.

So, what are the success traits that Mahesh possesses that provide him with a high level of confidence and drive? What gave him the drive to pursue multiple college degrees and reach the level of success he has achieved thus far? What does he exude that instills confidence in his team to achieve 20% growth for Össur Americas?

Mahesh has a strong belief and faith in his skills and abilities to the level that he is extremely comfortable with the unknown. Where many people fear the unknown, he thrives with it. When I asked Mahesh what allowed him to be confident working with the unknown, he said that many people focus on the negatives in their life or in the past, which creates self-doubt and causes fear of failure, fear of the unknown. Where as he keeps his previous successes top of mind that are fuel for his confidence and drive.

As we continued our discussion, we went a little deeper, as I really wanted to get to the core. How does one become “extremely comfortable working within the unknown?” What is the unknown? Don’t confuse being comfortable with the unknown with not having a plan for the future. Mahesh and his team have a strategy plan and meet regularly to discuss and adjust their plans to achieve growth. When Mahesh says he’s extremely comfortable with the unknown what he is saying is he’s more focused on the current plan and the now and doesn’t worry or concern himself with the “what ifs” or future failures that don’t exist in the now, for that would negate his positive beliefs and create doubt in himself and his team. Extremely powerful! It’s important to know that people that actually live in the now have a plan, which provides them the confidence to live in and act in the present to achieve future success.

It’s all about focus. When you’re focused on the right things, you’ll get the right results. Mahesh is focused on making each day, each week and each month a success. When that is accomplished, then each quarter and each year is a success.

One other personal core value Mahesh holds true is follow through. This is a major factor in his personal success. For Mahesh, follow through is vitally important to individual and organizational success. Your ability to succeed comes from having a focused environment and managing the propensity to say yes, which dilutes your efforts through over-committing yourself, taking on too much and creating competing priorities that prevent you from actually following through on the right activities that generate results. Mahesh clearly understands the importance and power of focus.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive or looking to further your career, focus is the name of the game. You either live from the WTF Moment Vortex and experience frustrating moments from spinning your wheels, or you live from the Core of Success and become fearless, confident, and unstoppable like Mahesh Mansukhani.

Össur, a company living with purpose, is a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics providing people with physical limitations greater mobility and life without limitations. Here’s a company founded on the purpose “Life Without Limitations” and built with intent. This purpose is the company slogan and is more than just a slogan; it’s been the passion for the company for close to 40 years. Visit www.Össur.com and you will see a company that is passionate and driven about what they do and you’ll understand why the executive team chose Mahesh Mansukhani as the President of Össur Americas.

You don’t have to be a customer of Össur products to Live Without Limitations; live each day where ever you’re at, whatever you do without limitations. Live from the Core of Success!


Mr. Mansukhani has an M.A. in Multinational Accounting and Financial Management from Reading University in England, an M.Phil. Finance degree from Warwick Business School in England and an MBA from Yale University in the United States.

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