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Kurt Johnson

Kurt Johnson, Founder & CEO of Horizon Technology

Kurt Jonson, CEO and Founder of Horizon Technology, located in Lake Forest, California, started his entrepreneurial journey back in 1996 in a second bedroom of his home. Kurt was fortunate enough to know in his teens that he wanted to own his business and prepared for it by taking engineering and business courses in college. Kurt’s original business model was refurbishing PC’s and within the first year of business, the average selling prices of PC’s went from $2,200 to well below $800. That was a major challenge for Kurt and completely out of his control. Some would have given up right there and thrown in the towel. I’m done. I can’t make any money at this business. It’s a challenge. He could have found any legitimate reason as an excuse to quit and with his engineering degree found a good job and made a good living.

So what kept Kurt going? It was Kurt’s desire and the entrepreneurial spirit that he felt when he was in his teens that was the seed. He knew he could do it, he believed in himself and with his wife, Marie’s, unconditional support and belief in him, Kurt forged ahead. Marie supported the family for two years until the company was profitable. Kurt took this business challenge head on with the attitude that he knew he either had to adapt or die. There was only one of two choices. He could have looked at this as a negative and accepted it as that. But instead he looked at this challenge with an unstoppable mindset and as a catalyst, adapted his business model and succeeded to build what is today a $56 million dollar company with over 100 employees and several locations worldwide.

When you have a strong belief in yourself, and your dream, and the mindset that failure is not an option, you won’t fail. It’s total commitment to your dream; you’re “all in.” For Kurt, his success is beyond his wildest dream. You don’t have to be a mega entrepreneur in the spotlight of the world to be successful.

I encourage you to visit the Horizon Technology website at www.HorizonTechnology.com and look at where the company is at today. It looks a lot different than it did back in 1996 in Kurt’s spare bedroom. What kept Kurt going during the two years of not making any money? It was desire, commitment and discipline, coupled with his vision for the future, his passion for wanting to have his own business and his belief in himself and his dreams. It’s living with intent and from the Core of Success. I’m sure if you were to ask Kurt today he would tell you what we’ve heard from our other entrepreneurs: “I’m not done yet!” I know Kurt and I don’t believe he’s done. I think he’s just getting started.

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