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Fred Sabatine

Fred Sabatine, Founder and President, Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

Fred Sabatine is a successful business professional in Orange County. Fred had the nice home, was making good money, and had a wonderful wife and kids. So what was the driving force causing Fred to start his company, Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc., in 2001?

For Fred, it was the desire to do more; it was the personal challenge and the belief that he could do more with his life. It was never about the money. It was the desire to prove to himself that he could do it; he could do it better and bigger. The desire was so strong that Fred was willing to take the risk, willing to be comfortable with the worst case scenario. Fred would rather try, and live with the worst case scenario, than be satisfied with his current level of success and never try. It’s the attitude, the believing in your dream, your abilities and knowing without any doubt that you can, that keeps people going when life throws a curve ball.

Fred certainly had curve balls thrown at him in his years of building Chroma. Today, Fred looks back on those challenges as bumps in the road. At the time, they didn’t feel like bumps in the road. When I asked Fred what kept him going, he said, “There was no other option but to move forward.” It’s that attitude of not giving yourself an easy out or an excuse. There is no other option but to succeed. Failure is not an option.

If you were to talk with Fred he would tell you, “When you give up on your dream is when you fail.” There is no such thing as failure. Failure only occurs when you give up on your dream. Fred is a family man and he attributes his success to his wife and family for the strong support that gave him the confidence and motivation to keep going. As I mentioned before, success is not a destination, and Fred confirmed this in wrapping up our meeting by saying, “I’m not done yet. I’m just hitting my stride.”

Here’s an entrepreneur who started from scratch, took the risk, gave himself a personal challenge and built what is now a company that is one of the largest worldwide providers of power-testing instruments and systems in the USA, with offices and manufacturing facilities located throughout North America. Today, Chroma USA serves the Aerospace, Defense, Military, Automotive, Medical, Solar, and Marine industries and includes large clients such as the United States Military, Apple, Dell, Cisco and Intel.

Fred could be done. He could say, “I achieved success. I’m done.” But successful people who live from the Core of Success are never done. They keep going, because the Core of Success is like an inferno, continually producing internal success. It’s more satisfying, rewarding and joyful to be living from the Core of Success than from the spinning wheels cycle where you’ll encounter WTF Moments. Live from the Core of Success; find the desire and passion that creates the unwavering faith and belief that will have you saying, “I’m not done yet!”

Visit Chroma and see the company that Fred Sabatine started in 2001 at www.chromausa.com. I think you’ll be impressed by what can be accomplished when you make a deal with yourself.

As a final note, Fred has a poem that he keeps near his desk that gives him inspiration; maybe it will inspire you, too:

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