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WTF Moment Book

Transform what appears negative into a positive to become Unstoppable!

Achieving success in life and business is not a mystery, or something reserved for a select few. There is a science and process to achieving success, and every person who has the desire, commitment and discipline to succeed, will succeed.

The title of this book defines a very real moment that occurs on the entrepreneurial journey that knocks many off their feet. How you respond will determine if it knocks you down for good, or if it gives you the strength to achieve your dreams.

Learn how to transform your most frustrating and challenging moments, that appear negative, into positive, winning outcomes. Learn to turn your fears into confidence. Learn to change confusion into clarity and focus. Become unstoppable.

For organization leaders:

 Use WTF as a coaching tool. You want more productivity and results from your team. You want real employee engagement. Provide your sales team and employees with the knowledge and tools that help them get what they want out of life. When a person is clear on what he wants out of life, and has a plan to get it, he is happier, more productive, and much more confident. He will ultimately be much more valuable to you and your organization.

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What others are saying about the book.

Read Brenhaug’s book and discover how replacing three small words can transform your life! It is one part recipe for success, one part seminar on shifting one’s paradigm. WTF gives us all easy-to-follow instructions for transforming our lives and creating positive results at home and at work.”

 – Marshall Goldsmith – million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

 “Mike has hit the nail right on the head with WTF! Finally, a refreshing and truly a new perspective which de-mystifies the key to business success. I finished the book saying I’m Not Done Yet!” 

– Don Spini – Author of the #1 Best-Seller, Sixty-Seconds to Yes!

“Love the book! A must read for those wanting a fresh, WTF outlook! If you’re tired of not getting the results you desire, this is a must read to help align your life professionally and personally.” 

– Troy Chipps, President, Prisma Training & Development

“As a life-long Entrepreneur, I would like to thank you for sharing all your insight & wisdom and taking the time to write such a wonderful book…as I feel the WTF is a must read book for today’s Entrepreneur…Priceless Information & the Dashboard is such a nice touch.” 

– Dale Grabinski, President & CEO USATM Vault Systems Inc.

“Reading WTF reinforces everything Mike has taught and coached since I have been working with him. It is clear in its mission, right on point and is truly like having a personal business coach in your pocket!”

 – Adam P. Liquori, Financial Strategist

“WTF is an eye opener and a must read for any small business owner looking for the correct formula to get to the next level.”

– Ed Smissen, Entrepreneur and Sales Professional

“WTF has and easy to understand concepts. Results with the Dashboard are measurable, and it is a useful tool to sharpen anyone’s business acumen whether you are a start-up or looking to grow and expand your business.”

 – Mina Watkins, ACC, Life and Business Coach

“I started reading the book and I can’t stop… It’s awesome; well written, smooth, fun, and very informative.”

-Marina Padovani, Prudential California Realty

“I’ve already started reading it and quite frankly, it seems as if much of it was written FOR ME.  It’s awesome.”











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