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Bold, Fun, Simple, Motivating & Engaging

Mike is passionate about results and shifting a person from where they are today into the Core of Success to become Unstoppable by gaining clarity and increasing focus & confidence.

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Under the theme WTF Mike shares several key points that addresses the concerns entrepreneurs and organizations face today in a very positive way by changing one’s perspective.

  • Where’s The Focus? – Getting focused on the right things that will get the right results
  • Whip The Fear! – Eliminate the fears that hold you up from achieving success
  • Where’s The Future? – Identify your goals with clarity and develop an action plan to achieve it
  • Where’s The Foundation? – Developing your personal Success Dashboard that brings it all together, increases focus and gets results and provides a foundation for success.
  • Win The Future! – Live from the Core of Success, Be Unstoppable & Win The Future!
  • More WTF topics that are engaging and motivating.

“Discover how replacing three small words can transform your life! It is one part recipe for success, one part seminar on shifting one’s paradigm. WTF gives us all easy-to-follow instructions for transforming our lives and creating positive results at home and at work.– Marshall Goldsmith – million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Mike has hit the nail right on the head with WTF! Finally, a refreshing and truly a new perspective which de-mystifies the key to business success. – Don Spini – Author of the #1 Best-Seller, Sixty-Seconds to Yes!


Ideal for entrepreneurs, sales teams, corporate teams, and college students

Other Topics Mike love’s to speak on:

  • Transforming what appears negative to create an unstoppable you.  Creating a plan for success to overcome fears and create confidence that makes you unstoppable.
  • End Zone Marketing – Creating a power marketing strategy that get’s results. Successful marketing is more than just internet marketing or social media.  Successful marketing that delivers results is based upon an effective strategy that begins with understanding your ideal client and market.
  • Mastering The Rockefeller Habits – 4 Decisions Executive workshop.  Get the entire executive team on the same page with the organization priorities & direct and create total alignment.  When an organization has a solid strategy and in alignment it is positioned for strong sustainable growth.

To request Mike to speak at your company event or business event call 949.612.3946.  

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