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Our Team

Our team is lead by a group of professional coaches that have experience, passion and tools to help our clients achieve the results they’re looking for.   Based upon the need of the individual or organization and/or geographic location we match a team member with you to guide you through your journey of success.

Mike Brenhaug, Business Coach & Founder of BlueRock

Mike BrenhaugMike Brenhaug is author of WTF – Where’s The Focus and President & CEO of BlueRock Coaching Group a leading coaching organization focused on developing a solid foundation for growth and success for the person that fulfills many roles; the entrepreneur, sales professional and business professional. Mike is also the creator of the Where’s The Focus program series; a results driven business course designed specifically for the driven entrepreneur that requires growth and demands success. As a Speaker, Coach and Author Mike has helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the Nation in various industries. Mike’s Book WTF has been listed amongst some of the greats like “7 Habits of Highly Effective People, How Full is Your Bucket, and One Minute Manager.

Mike is recognized as the leading expert on focus and results for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Mike is the past President of the International Coach Federation in Orange County, past President of the Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce, and speaks to many business growth strategies and planning.



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